Event & Party Sevices

Planning for a party event and special gathering can be a daunting job. Stress and anxiety are inevitable. From planning to organizing takes a lot of effort and add the expenses to the list. You can do all the work and ask help from your friend. There is other way to free yourself from all the pressures and problems by hiring a professional party planner and organizer like joe bunn dj company as one of the largest and most referred DJ companies in the Carolinas, specializing in the weddings, private parties, and corporate events. Well, either ways achieving the main goal like the success of the event is what matters most.

Korean Dolls & Dollie

Hanguk doll

Shopping is always part of a travel. It may be clothing, shoes, bags, foods and delicacies and even this cute Korean doll and hello Kitty in hanguk. I am so fascinated with souvenirs and I am also a huge fan of Korean drama. So, when we had our vacation to my home country Philippines, we had a 6 hour stop over at Korean. Husband bought me this Korean doll and the kikay got this Hello Kitty. What do you think? Aren’t they the cutest. These dolls were kind of expensive but it doesn’t matter, one or two souvenir item won’t hurt.
I included in this post this gorgeous dollie that I bought last year for my daughter’s 4th birthday. She played with it for a couple of days and ignored the dollie, so mommy played with it instead. At school she noticed that some of her pre-k classmate had a dollie, and that caught her interest and inspired her to play more attention to her dollie.

Dap collar for These Puppies

Our family loves dog and they have more than 4 dogs right now. There are two dogs in our house back in Cagayan de oro besides the four puppies in General Santos at my parents house. These dogs need dap collar and all the care they need to survive. Last year four puppies died but I do not really know the reason but it seemed like they caught a disease. Dap collar offers great benefits to the dog. It is designed to provide comfort to puppies and adult dogs in stressful situations. This Dap collar helps reduce stress in challenging situations, promote learning and improves adaptation to modern lifestyle. The father of all these dog in the picture definitely needs a dap collar because that’s the noisiest dog they have. It is a tiny shih tzu but very loud.

Buy Motorcycle Parts Online

It is pretty common for men to love motorcycle. After all it is a sport for men but now a days some women also share the same interest and hobby with men. If you know anything about motorcycle then yoy probably also know which place to buy honda motorcycle oem parts and accessory. With online shopping this offers more option to shop things that we usually find or may not find in a physical store.

My father loves his motorcycle. Since he was young he used to drive his motorcycle to work and pay extra care with it. It lasted years before that motorcycle finally gave up. I’ve seen how my father care for his motorcycle and put all sorts of accessory. A quality motor parts are very important to ensure safety and durability for you and your bike. Anyhow, my dad’s old motorcycle broke and my brother bought him a new one.